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Real performance of (smart) residential ventilation - performance assurance, fault detection, continuous commissioning


The IEA EBC Annex 86 Energy Efficient IAQ Management in residential buildings brings together experts from different fields including mechanical engineering, building science, chemistry, data science and environmental health to work together with other stakeholders towards consensus on the basic assumptions regarding a performance assessment, practical guidelines and tools to ensure excellent IAQ in residencies.

This topical session is organized by the fourth subtask of the Annex 86 having a title “Ensuring performance of smart ventilation”. One of our focus points is the quality assurance of implemented residential ventilation systems & strategies, whether they can be called “smart” or not.

In this topical session, we want to present and discuss results and experiences from different stakeholders representing both industry and academia, regarding real performance of residential ventilation. Furthermore, we want to discuss how doe their data stand against existing quality management approaches and inspection protocols for residential ventilation. Can we identify the crucial issues specific to “smart systems”? We aim to discuss examples of approaches to ensure reliable operation beyond the commissioning phase.

With several presentations in the background, we want to discuss the issues needed for performance assurance. Do we need quality management schemes and inspection protocols? 

Do we need Internet connected systems for ongoing commissioning or better education for building operators?


The session has following objectives:

  1. Present results of research as well as field studies focused on performance assessment of residential ventilation systems.
  2. Present research & development focused on performance monitoring, fault diagnostics and ongoing commissioning.
  3. Discuss challenges and barriers related to performance assurance for (smart) residential ventilation in practice.
  4. Discuss needs for guidelines, quality management schemes and inspection protocols.


    1. Welcome and introduction. Gaelle Guyot, Cerema, France
    2. Performance 2 project – Winter IAQ campaigns in 13 dwellings equipped with Humidity-based DCV systems: analyses of the ventilation performance after 15 years of use. Adeline Melois, Cerema, France, Juan Rios, Aereco, France
    3. Checking and assuring real IAQ and energy performances through demand control and cloud connectivity. Ivan Pollet, Renson, Belgium
    4. Data driven models for fault detection – Combining thermal and indoor air quality grey box models. Gabriel Rojas, University of Innsbruck, Austria
    5. Evaluation of supply temperature set-points and airflow imbalance using smart ventilation data. Kevin Smith, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    6. Technologies in balanced ventilation systems to maintain optimal performance in energy and comfort. Bart Cremers, Zehnder Group, The Netherlands
    7. Discussion (moderators: Jakub Kolarik, Gaelle Guyot)


    1. Gaelle Guyot, CEREMA, France
    2. Jakub Kolarik, DTU, Denmark

90 minutes

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